"I have been cooperating with Daniela Ježová's law office since 2016. During the difficult process of exiting from the company proved Daniela Ježová has shown a high degree of professionalism in the form of 100% preparation for every meeting and excellent communication. As added value I appreciate the personal and human attitude of Daniela. Successful solution of this case has resulted in long-term cooperation with Daniela Ježová's office, which provides legal support for my new company." Rudolf Chmela, CEO of ARETY Ltd.


"Profesional and a person with moral values in one. Through her ability and knowledge, she reached legaly all to be able to make contact with my daughter, despite the extraordinary complexity of my case." Pavol Dzuro


"I have to highlight the high professional level of JUDr.Ježová, who has successfully represented me and always willing to advise me on family law. She has provided complete legal services starting with divorce, child custody, maintenance, and property division settlement. I'm glad she represented me." Viera Eretová


"Being an English father trying to gain access to my son in Slovakia was a daunting aspect. Not knowing which way to turn and who to trust. With Daniela’s legal expertise and professionalism I am now enjoying seeing my son regularly throughout the year. Daniela has guided me through the legal system and provided translators in the court. Thank you for all your support and hard work and I can-not thank you enough for your services" Robert McIntosh


"I appreciate the cooperation with Daniela Jezova very positively, from a quick study of the problem, the proposal of the solution, the consultation of the procedures, the way of communication and especially my awareness as a client about the course of the dispute." Viliam Kralik


"I received a professional international legal support that was flexible and personalized to the situation.  I would strongly recommend Daniela with her experience on local Slovakia and international subject matters" Conor, Austria


"Attorney office of Daniela Ježová is so professional. They dealt with my divorce case. All divorce process was stress free. They dealt with all the paper work so helpful and professional. They are very supportive and quickly reply to any enquiry. I would definitely recommend Daniela Ježová law firm for all the family matters" Gurdeep Singh, Ireland


"Our company used several times the services Law Office Daniela Ježová. Last help us deal with complex processes related to the transfer of ownership and property among our affiliated companies" František Debnár, owner of the company ENGICON Ltd.


"I am very satisfied with legal service provided by Law office Daniela Jezova. We cooperate with this law office for several years, all of the legal services is performed with maximum professionalism and I can always rely on this law office. I fully recommend this law office to anyone looking for a quick and professional assistance with his legal matter." DrSc. MSc. Zámečníková Adriana


"We have used the service of Daniela Ježová law office several times and we were always satisfied. We know that we can rely on 100% on her advice. In addition, we appreciate her professionalism, precision and flexibility." Martina Kukumbergová


"When I asked lawyer's office, Daniela Ježová, I was in doubt whether I found the best lawyer's office. Now I know that cooperation with your law firm and you was the best choice and thank you, JUDr. Jezova for very great willingness, promptness, professionalism and above all a particularly human approach that helped me with my stress, advised me and brought excellent results in litigation." Dana Válková


"Thank you for the legal advice and the preparation of legal documents for my internet portal. I particularly appreciate the friendly approach, speed and quality of the services provided. I look forward to further cooperation." Frantisek Kozacek, CEO of EnjoyEmotions.


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