Electronic mailboxes in Slovakia

As of 01.07.2017 each company will have active electronic mail box even when the company did not activate such. The Slovak government will activate all electronic mailboxes of Slovak companies.

Each company will have the electronic mailbox where all letters from the legal authorities will be delivered.
The electronic mailbox was established by Slovak government for each company having a seat in Slovakia.

The electronic box needs to be activated – after the activation the public authorities will deliver the post only to such an electronic mailbox. The automatic activation will be done on 01.07.2017 of all companies. In case you activate the electronic mailbox by yourself before 01.07.2017 since the activation all correspondence with Slovak public authorities will be done via this electronic mailbox.

In practice, this will mean that the public force authorities should not send the documents to your company in the paper form, but these will be delivered in electronic form into the special electronic mail boxes.

You need to check your electronic mail box regularly.
All documents will be delivered to such an electronic mailbox (no more via post) and after 15 days of delivery they are assumed as delivered with all legal consequences (such as time period for appeal against decisions, etc.).

The electronic mailbox will be accessible by:
- an identification card with an electronic chip (eID card) and personal security code (BOK),
- in case of foreigners - residence card with an electronic chip, or
- alternative authenticator
the statutary representative should have the relevant card with electronic chip. In case the statutory representative is a foreigner without the residence permit card (most of the entrepreneurs from EU countries) it is necessary to authorize a Slovak citizen which would have the respective Slovak ID card and can operate your electronic mail box instead of you. The authorization should be done by granted Power of attorney with certified signature with the Apostyle.

Also foreign companies having seat outside of Slovakia can have the electronic mailbox upon special request and by filling the application. Those companies will not have automatic establishment of such a mailbox.